Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cosmetic Laser for Stretch Marks????

Stretch marks like many skin scars are very difficult to deal with and the results of treatment differ from person to person. There are home remedies, skin creams and ointments, dermabrasion methods, derma rollers, and cosmetic surgeries to deal with stretch marks. While the cost of the treatment through home remedies is the highly inexpensive and the percentage of success is very low, cosmetic surgery is highly expensive and the results are very good.
Most often, people that give a lot of importance to their looks both personally and professionally like film stars goes through expensive stretch marks prevention regime and if not successful, they can afford cosmetic surgery. You seldom see you favorite stars having stretch marks (good covering makeup can do that though). For the rest of the population, the other methods are easily accessible.
The relatively latest development in the treatment of stretch marks is laser treatment. Like all the other non-invasive or semi-invasive methods of dealing with these marks, the results form laser treatment differs from person to person depending on the color and texture of the skin and the extent of the stretch marks.
Laser treatment cannot remove the stretch marks completely. At best, they can fade the stretch marks and works well on lighter stretch marks. Doctors do not advice laser treatment for persons with darker skin. The percentage of improvement through this treatment is said to be somewhere between 20 to 50 percent.
The cost of the treatment like cosmetic surgery depends on the texture of the skin and extent of the stretch marks. Pain during the treatment, well it is very subjective. For some it is a painless procedure while those who are poor in dealing with pain find it a little painful but tolerable.
You can watch Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks taking place in this short video. The results like I said are not 100 percent cure and the fading which occurs looks great. Watch the patient flinching at 1:32.

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