Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eight Steps To Prevent Stretch Marks

1.  Stress Control
Pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, and also excessive fitness are all stressful to the body. Maintaining a pressure free routine is simply as important as the moisturizing by itself, in preventing stretch marks.  There are a plenty of relaxation and meditation methods avialable online for you.

2.  Moisturization
Start a prevention plan with relaxation techniques and moisturization.  In the course of the pregnancy or expansion of skin this will keep the skin flexible to change. Begin moisturising by means of an excellent quality moisturising lotion or oil the moment you understand that you're pregnant. Moisturize the breasts, tummy, sides, buttocks and thighs, using firm, circular strokes, morning and night.

3.  Vitamin E
Vitamin E also can aid prevent these marks which cause embarrassment, and also it may be obtained easily by buying this supplement in a gel capsule. Vitamin E is offered in a range of various forms, for example alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherol. The variety with the very best bioactivity for topical use on skin surface is alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin E oil rubbed into the skin is a preferred home cure option for stretch mark prevention, helping make the skin more elastic, firm, supple and taut.

4.  Stretch Marks Creams and Lotions
Other stretch mark ointments can be utilized as home treatments, like cocoa butter, lavender oil and almond oil. Lotions containing cocoa butter are supposed to not just help reduce these marks, but to aid prevent them completely. All creams and lotions which have been created for stretch mark prevention and treatment will assist keep the skin elastic and strong. Creams and lotions which are fortified with vitamins A, E and C are excellent for your skin. Other beneficial components comprise wheat germ oil, olive oil, elastin and collagen.

5. Say No to Caffeine
Abstain from caffeine containing drinks.  Caffeine is usually found in products like teas, various kinds of coffees, along with sodas. Besides being a big culprit to dehydration, caffeine is determined to be one of several primary causes with regards to the development of stretch marks. The level of caffeine will raise the risk of forming stretch marks.  Drink water every single day so the skin stays hydrated. Eat a nourishing balanced diet. Drink a good amount of water. Hydration begins from your inside. Consuming water should replace your tea and coffee drinks because anything with the level of caffeine will be able to be dehydrating.  Drink a minimum of eight liters. You have to increase this quantity if you also drink caffeinated beverages.

6. Exercise
Exercises will play a role. Even a little exercise would improve blood flow and encourage firm, healthy epidermis. Exercise ought to be done on a regular basis in a delicate approach. Rigorous exercise could be injurious and hence cardio exercises are much practical for ordinary people. Exercising helps the body to keep steady weight throughout pregnancy.

7.  Diet
Good nutrition helps to strengthen the skin and also to help it become more healthy, and assist it to stretch easier and also to contract back once you have given birth. While it is probably not entirely possible to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, following these methods may lessen their affect, and may even diminish their severity. Specially, after the sixth months of pregnancy a woman tummy would stretch quickly so as to make space for her baby. Usually, these marks while pregnant would crop up on the abdomen, even though it isn't totally uncommon for these marks while pregnant to appear over the thighs, buttocks, hips, lower back, upper arms, as well as breasts. Particularly, high-quality nutrition can help to fortify the skin and also to help it become healthier, and help it to stretch easier and also to contract back once you have given birth.

8 Massage
Massaging also increases blood circulation, helping to stimulate new cell growth. Massage the skin by means of olive, almond or wheat germ oil. Exfoliate skin at regular intervals to improve blood flow and take away the dead skin cells. Massage is an effective way to assist the skin to retain its elasticity. You need to gently rub the on the tummy two times each day for one of the best results.

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