Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Does Bio Oil Really Work On Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear most often by sudden loss or gain of weight. Pregnancy is one of the major causes of stretch marks due to sudden stretching of skin. But sometimes these marks appear without any obvious change in body weight or stretching.
It is know fact that cosmetic surgery is the best solution for this problem. However, stretch marks creams are said to be effective after prolonged use in some people. Bio oil is one of such skin creams which is said to be working in getting rid of stretch marks.

Stretch marks creams are the cheaper alternative for people who cannot either afford or scared of cosmetic surgery. To know how long it takes for Bio Oil to get rid of stretch marks, I have starting visiting many forums where there are many people bragging about the effectiveness of Bio Oil on stretch marks within a couple of weeks after using it. We can also see good reviews available in the internet from many who have already using it.
What is more impressive is that the product manufacturer of Bio Oil don’t claim this to be a miracle cure which can get rid of any type of stretch marks but stresses that the result varies from user to user. Apart from being known to be a better skin cream for stretch marks, Bio Oil also works as a great skin moisturizer.

Bio Oil is to be applied to the skin gently massaging the skin in circular motions a couple of times a day for at least three months to start noticing positive results. Bio Oil contains something called PurCellin Oil which is a patented ingredient which acts as a delivery system for Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oils and other ingredients. Bio Oil is hypoallergenic and is of preservative free and is known to be safe even on sensitive skin.

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Nailtiques said...

there is no product that can stop stretch marks. they're typically genetic. you might have some luck reducing them by keeping the area moisturized, but you could do the same thing with olive oil for a lot less money. that stuff can work wonders.For more information about Beauty Products Visit at sleekhair website.