Friday, February 6, 2009

Use Of Derma Roller To Get Rid Stretch Marks

How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Derma Rollers

Skin needling or micro needling which is one of the newest skin care methods available for treatment of stretch marks as well. This is a collagen induction therapy which stimulates collagen formation and provides a channel for the stretch mark gels and creams to be absorbed by the skin top layer. This method with the use of an instrument called derma roller can be done either in a clinic or at home. The roller contains numerous very tiny needles. The needles penetrates the epidermis of the skin to the depth up to 2 mm.

For the rejuvenation of skin with stretch marks derma roller is consider to be very effective. The derma roller punctures the skin just by opening the pores and stimulate collagen production in the dermis layer where stretch marks are formed. This results in puncturing of blood vessels and the released blood clots effecting collagen and elastin formation. These formed collagen and elastin help in rejuvenation of the skin and curing of stretch marks.

Derma roller is a small plastic roller which has about 300 very fine needles. These needles are made up of medical grade stainless steel. As state earlier, when these rollers are rolled on the skin, these needles creates tiny pores in the skin's dermis. It is said to be an effective method to apply creams to deeper layers of skin. The technique involves the natural reaction of the skin to any wound. When the skin suffers a wound, it reacts by creating collagen and elastin to form a new layer. This same characteristic of the skin it made used here, the skin reacts to the microscopic punctures with forming new layer of skin.

As the micro needles of the derma rollers penetrates to the dermis that the lower layer of the skin. The skin develops new tissue of inner layer shedding the older stretch mark containing layer. Thus, derma roller is considered to be the newest and natural method of curing stretch marks.

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