Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks In Teenagers

As you known stretch marks develop when there is fast stretching of the skin. Beyond puberty teenagers grow fast and this may result in forming of stretch marks due to sudden over stretching of their skin. So if you are a teenager and you do not have stretch marks learn the methods of preventing them. But if already have the stretch marks, then you have to know why they occur and what can be done to get rid of stretch marks.

You can blame your hormones for your stretch marks as in teenagers the growth hormones overwork which might result in rapid growth of your body creating stretch marks. You can also as a teenager observe you body changing it shape depending on whether you are going into a woman or man. Girls are more likely to get stretch marks when they are teenagers because of the curves they develop in the lower part of the part and also the breasts. So generally, they get stretch marks on thighs and breasts as teenagers.

The percentage of teenagers getting stretch marks is high in developed countries as the dietary habits in these countries make them more prone to gaining wait along with growth spurts in teenage.

Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks in Teenagers

Every teenager especially a girl would not like to have stretch marks on her body, and taking care of your skin to prevent stretch marks would be the best way to deal with them. Focusing on few skin care tips and following them would be beneficial for you in prevention of these marks.

1. Using Moisturising Creams And Anti Stretch Mark Creams:
Using moisturizing stretch marks prevention creams generously would keep your skin well moisturized and able to stretch easily without any damage which may result in stretch marks.

2. Maintain Ideal Weight For Your Age, Gender, and Height:
Rapid weight gain also puts a lot of pressure on your skin to stretch which may result development of the marks. So maintain your ideal weight by proper diet and exercise.

3. Skin Massage

Massaging your skin using skin massage oil will also keep your skin's elasticity intact and helps in prevention of stretch marks.

4. Healthy Food
Eating healthy food as a teenager gives you plenty of positive results. Apart from having needed vitamins to help the skin retain his elasticity. Nutritious food also can maintain your wait and prevent stretch marks as a teenager. Keep away from junk foods.
5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps the skin maintain its quality. So taking vitamin E supplements or better food products which contain vitamin E in them would be every helpful in preventing the stretch marks.

If you already have stretch marks a little, these will disappear as you follow these tips grow older. If the stretch marks are very dense you need to know how to get rid of stretch marks from my previous posts.

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