Thursday, February 5, 2009

Concealers | Caumoflage Makeup For Stretch Marks

How To Cover When You Cannot Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Prevent, conceal, or cure is the way to deal with your stretch marks. There are many stretch mark creams available in the market which effectively works in prevention of stretch marks, and if prevention is difficult due to the predisposition of the skin type to stretch marks, they can at least reduce the stretch marks. Similarly, there are many methods used for curing of stretch marks with the degree of cure being varied with different procedures like microdermabrasion and plastic surgery.

But as always when prevention of stretch marks was difficult and you already have stretch marks, depending on density of the stretch marks and where on the body they appear you can go for camouflage makeup. The type of makeup is usually used to conceal the scars for surgeries or accidents and other blemishes on the skin which either difficult to remove with cosmetic surgery or it is considered by the surgeon that the surgery may not improve the appearance.

Camouflage makeup can also be pursued in the interval between the appearance of stretch marks and their complete cure. There are many specialists who can effective conceal the stretchmarks and teach you to apply the makeup.

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