Thursday, June 25, 2009

How She Prevented Stretch Marks During Pregancy

Author: Mira

With stretch marks on her thighs my friend and close associate Anita know that there are many chances of getting stretch marks with her first pregnancy and was worried. So when she first became pregnancy along with other cares that a pregnant woman takes like antenatal vitamins, she took good care of her skin.

Most of the women get stretch marks after their pregnancy due to sudden and prolonged expansion of the skin. Though pregnancy is not the only cause for stretch marks it is the main reason as woman who seldom get stretch marks happen to get them after pregnancy.

Anita’s worry started the day when her pregnancy as confirmed and I had to say that she was very slim and a beautiful waistline. She use to imagine her beautiful skin in the abdominal area filled with unsightly stretch marks.

With this worry she used to pester me for information about stretch marks and started reading a lot about stretch marks online and became an expert in stretch marks especially after pregnancy and shared with me information about stretch marks which as a skin care enthusiast failed to know. She said that almost 80 percent of the women get stretch marks due to pregnancy and child birth. I never knew that the percentage is so high.

With her enormous information about stretch marks she also got more than enough knowledge on the prevention methods. There are thousands of experts giving thousands of solutions. There are stretch marks creams one of which Anita is using for her thigh with some positive results after using the cream for months.

With her knowledge Anita formulated a skin care regime to prevent stretch marks during her pregnancy. She started to drink a lot of water to effectively keep the skin moisturized. This she said prevents the skin from losing its ability of stretching. She religiously used body brush to massage the skin of her abdomen regularly. She also applied either stretch marks creams or moisturizer cream (the one which she used for her face) to her abdomen. She continued this regimen during the entire pregnancy still delivery.

I met her in the hospital the day after she delivered a baby girl. The baby was as beautiful as she is. After both of our husbands left us alone, I curiously asked her about stretch marks. All these months she talked about stretch marks so much that I almost waited for this day more to see how she managed in preventing stretch marks during her pregnancy.

She removed the tags of her hospital gown to show me her tummy, yes there were no stretch marks on her abdomen not even a single one (but I thought the stretch marks will appear at little later after delivery but no they never appeared on her tummy). I congratulated her for preventing stretch marks so successfully but had a question which I could not ask her, was it the success of the stretch marks prevention regime she followed or was she in the 20% women who were fortunately enough not to get stretch marks during pregnancy?

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