Thursday, July 2, 2009

Using Tattoos To Cover Stretch Marks

Now this is not a solution for stretch marks everybody accepts, but if you are person who is okay to tattoo all over your body this can give you a different and better look for your stretch marks area.

For this, you have to consult a tattoo expert who will examine the pattern stretch marks first before suggesting method and pattern of tattoo which would solve your problem of stretch marks giving you the benefits of the tattoo whatever you consider they are.

For people who are not crazy about having tattoos allover their body but thinking of tattoos as an option for their adamant stretch marks, I would like to give some information about tattoos.

Know that it is very time consuming procedure and require lot of patience and ability to tolerate pain well. Stretch marks as scar tissue are very sensitive and the pain you have to tolerate would me more than average tattooing. Expert also suggests that the stretch marks to be more than a year in age to be perfect for tattooing.
I don’t know how effective tattoos would be in covering stretch marks. But you can look at an example of tattoos effectively covering stretch marks scars.

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