Monday, January 26, 2009

Diamond Microdermabrasion For Stretch Marks

There is comparitively new type of microdermabrasion technique gaining popularityn in getting rid of stretch marks. This is called diamond dermabrasion. In this technique the exfoliation of the skin is done unlike in crystal dermabrasion contains a wand which contains numerous natural or artificial diamond tips. This type of dermabrasion is cheaper since there is no requirement of continous supply of crystals and the wand of diamonds are reusable. Diamond dermabrasion is more safe when compared to crystal dermabrasion due to the fact there is no dangers of crystal being sucked into the skin pores.

The sensitive skin around the eyes cannot be treated by crystal dermabrasion since there is a danger of crystals falling into the eyes and irritating them. Diamond microdermabrasion is better suited to treat sensitive skin around to eyes. Apart from this, there are different sizes of diamond tipped wands available for different types of skin and used as per the requirement. Since this method does not require constant supply of crystals, though it is expensive upfront when compared to the crystal type, the per session cost remains the same as crystal microdermabrasion.

Diamond dermabrasion comes with a cotton filter for the sucked out exfoliated skin and you can see what is being removed from your skin. This type of machines comes with up to 9 different sizes of diamond types for better results and need. The suctioning capacity of the machines of diamond dermabrasion is best suited for treatment of both acne scars and stretch marks. The cost of the treatment, the results of the treatment, and the time taken to the treatment is similar for both diamond and crystal microdermabrasions to get rid of stretch marks

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