Friday, October 10, 2008

Know How and Why Stretch Marks Develop

The middle layer of your skin called dermis when stretched beyond its elastic ability, it breaks down. Initially, when the dermis breaks down blood capillaries which supply blood to this layer also breaks down when bleeding occurs. This is the reason when initially stretch marks develop they look pinkish in color. These breakage heals overtime and results in stretch marks. Now what makes the these marks appear at the first place gives you the causes of stretch marks.

There are two main reasons for development of tearing of dermis. One is sudden stretching of dermis beyond his ability to expand. The second reason the inherent inability of dermis to stretch well in some people due to various reasons. The prevention or cure of stretch marks depends hence upon knowing the causes of occurrence in the first place. You have to know whether the tearing of dermis is occurring due to sudden increase in weight, pregnancy, rapid muscle building, rapid fat accumulation, or due to lack of ability of the dermis to stretch well.

The most common reason is the first type of tearing of dermis due to expansion beyond its ability expand and in some cases people develop stretch marks with no apparent increase in weight or fat formation which might be caused due to the lack of natural ability of dermis to stretch. There are many ways to prevent stretch marks successfully, hide them through clever makeup or dress designing, and cure them. It is important to know, stretch marks when prominent cannot be hide behind the makeup and removal is the only way.

Know when stretch marks develop

I have written why stretch marks develop. Now, you are aware of the fact that stretch marks develop due the tearing up of the middle layer of the skin called dermis. And the two reasons for tearing up and healing of the dermis. But, when do the dermis tear developing the stretch marks. Stretch marks usually develop during rapid stretching of the dermis like pregnancy, fast growth during adolescence, during rapid weight gain, during rapid muscle building. Some also think that stretch marks also develop due to hormonal activity or inactivity during depression, malnutrition, and enormous stress. The degree of the stretch marks developed depends on the natural elasticity of the dermis and this is reason not all women get stretch marks during pregnancy.

Dealing With Stretch Marks

Dealing with the stretch marks includes three steps. The first one is preventing stretch marks when there is a chance of developing stretch marks like in pregnancy, intentional weight loss, and puberty. The second step including covering the stretch marks when preventing methods were not known beforehand and you are already with stretch marks and removal of stretch marks takes time. The third step consists getting rid of stretch marks with the removal of stretch marks through different methods.

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