Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can Body Chemical Peel Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

I have mentioned the causes of the stretch marks quite a number of times in this blog. When there is a rapid growth of the body like in pregnancy, puberty, or any other growth spurts and sometimes with any dramatic growth these stretch marks appear. During these periods of sudden growth when the skin is stretched beyond its natural capacity to expand, the blood vessels present in the inner layer of the skin which is called dermis rupture. The body self protective mechanism starts working immediately in healing the area with a supply of collagen.

Like any other scar which happens during some damage to the skin, there forms a scar in the skin. But unlike the other type of injury scars, these stretch marks are developed in the inner layer of the skin. Also like other scars of injury some times these stretch marks resolve spontaneously and some times very persistent and refuse to go away.

As we know stretch marks tend to develop during pregnancy, puberty, body building, and during growth spurts, it is better to try and prevent them as they appear in the inner part of the skin and refuse to go away sometimes with the use of topical treatment. But there are semi invasive methods like derma roller and dermabrasions, invasive methods like cosmetic surgery which is help in getting rid of stretch marks effectively.

Skin creams for stretch marks do work for some people but not for all. Most of the treatments for stretch marks are of low cost and body chemical peel is one of them. It is claimed that the chemical peels which are applied to the body damages the skin triggering a healing process and exactly the way skin surface scars disappear over a period of time stretch marks disappear due to growth of new skin tissue.

Chemical peel for stretch marks removal uses harsh chemical and need a prolonged skin care regimen before and after the treatment. As these peels used very harsh chemicals it will be prudent to consult your dermatologist and consult someone who has already gone through the process and having some positive results. As cosmetic surgery for stretch marks is every expensive treatment, there are lot of creams, lotions and other simple methods being sold over the counter. Some of these methods are told to have very good results in getting rid of stretch marks, but when it comes to chemical peeling due to the harsh chemicals I would recommend consultation with your PCP for advice.

If you do use chemical peel method to get rid of stretch marks and have positive results, please leave a comment, so that it will be useful for us and others who read this article. As for my personal experience, I had very mild stretch marks one my thighs and that dissappeard with application of some mild topical cream.

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